What is so Special About Palm Beach Software Design?

Well, it’s post-911 again and time for reflection on the important things in our lives, so today I wanted to share some information about PBSD and how we’ve managed to flourish in a very competitive world for the last 30 years. Over and above our technical skills, which can be seen on our website, I’d like to touch on some of the reasons why people enjoy doing business with us, and why we have such a great company.

Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. is a software development and programming company that takes the time to listen and develop effective solutions for businesses requiring workflow automation using custom-built software to achieve their goals. We achieve this through our “Listen…Plan…Execute” business philosophy, it’s over 100-combined years of programming knowledge and expertise, it’s technology partnerships with industry leaders, and it’s values-based culture that demands personal accountability and responsibility to each other and to it’s clients.
  • Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. is founded on a values-based culture that commits its client’s interests first.
  • Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. settles for nothing less than complete client satisfaction.
  • Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. listens to and understands it’s client’s needs, and then utilizes it’s expertise to offer tailored/custom solutions.
  • Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. educates it’s clients on the value of the technology it uses.
In summary, we have a strong set of core values and beliefs in regards to how we approach a client’s needs and problems, and we are better than the rest because we take the time to listen and care and provide the best possible service to our clients.
Next week, I’ll tell you more about our experience, technology partnerships, and our values-based culture, but I hope you’re getting the message that we are a unique company that has a tremendous success rate…in fact, we have a 100% client satisfaction rate over the last 30 years. I’d say I have something to be pretty damn proud of!
Mark Turkel