What is “Responsive Design”?

Rather than describe this phenomenon, let’s look at it.  Go ahead and resize the browser you’re using now to a smaller size…keep going until you see the menu at the top change into buttons and list-options.  THIS is the responsive design!

Using scripting to figure out the size, and CSS to move and resize HTML items on the page, we can create content one time, and use it everywhere.  That is the value in building sites using this methodology.

Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. builds all of our applications using Responsive Design.  This methodology saves our clients time and resources each time they want to edit their content, as we build our systems to allow the changes to content, and dynamically adjust to the environment.

Is your website ready for all the popular platforms out there?
iPad mini
Android Phones
Android Tablets 7″
Android Tablets 10″
Desktop Displays (Mac and Windows)

As you can see from the list above, having a website developed to support each one individually can be costly and time-consuming to maintain.

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