Using TestRail for Automated Testing of Software Applications

Our QA team loves the bells and whistles that TestRail provides and are very impressed with the software. Their favorite feature: the ability to configure test cases for multiple browsers. Talk about time-saving!

Our company, Palm Beach Software Design, Inc., develops custom software apps and applications for a variety of clients in many different business segments. We have found that a Quality Assurance application named “TestRail” was the best fit for our QA department, as it provides the flexibility to test and re-test our software development and software design work.

It’s not often that I come across software that impresses me. TestRail is one of the leading web-based test case management tools that help Quality Assurance and Project Management professionals, like me, to efficiently manage, track and improve their software testing efforts.

I’ve probably been using TestRail for almost a year now and I’m still enamored with all the bells and whistles that TestRail has to offer but, in my opinion, one of the biggest benefits of using TestRail is the ability to configure test cases for multiple browsers.

This is important for several reasons since it has become a rarity that we are asked for Desktop applications in 2017. Everything is usually mobile and cloud-based applications, with multiple parts working together as a whole to create the perfect user experience. Browsers are the main interface used when creating custom cloud software applications – and they all do not act/work the same way on the same piece of HTML code.

Configuring for multiple browsers helps me track and manage my test cases. When I’m testing new software for the client on 3 different browsers, I can show what’s been tested and the results for each browser. I can also quickly identify which test cases have failed on a particular browser. In many cases, the software developer needs to know where the error occurred, if it occurred on all browsers, or on one browser in particular, and now I have that information at my fingertips! It’s all documented in TestRail.

When I created test cases in the past, I used to copy and paste all the time. TestRail copies the test cases for me automatically for each of the browsers that I specified when I configured the test run. In addition, in TestRail, I can assign team members to run the same tests on a different browser because the test cases are grouped separately for each browser. And here’s the WOW factor: when I edit a test case for one browser, TestRail automatically copies those changes to all of the browsers. That’s a huge time-saver!

If you haven’t tried TestRail, I encourage you to sign up for their free 30-day trial: I think you’ll be impressed. More importantly, if you’re a current client, or a potential new one, you can rest assured that Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. takes testing and quality assurance very seriously, and we know that people remember the success or failure of a project.  We know that software is never 100% perfect, and we try our very best to make sure we find all the issues before we present our software to you. TestRail has been a wonderful time saver because of the automation and reporting it provides.

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Julie Collier is the Quality Assurance Manager at Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.