Thank You Steve

Thank You Steve


I guess we have all known this was coming for some time now.  Steve’s second medical leave…and his recent departure as CEO.  We hoped that Steve would somehow hang on, and years from now he would at least be providing his brilliant ideas to the company he loved.  


So today, the hesitant tweets began on twitter.  “Steve Jobs has died.”  And finally, the news starting hitting the major news outlets.  Apple’s flags were lowered to half-staff.  Oh it was true.


Tech sites around the world are turning into temporary shrines like at  They are full of moving quotes from tech giants.  People are leaving flowers and candles at Apple Stores all around the world.  “Thank You Steve” messages are being written on windows.  I can’t remember when a single death has caused such an immediate outpouring of support.  I hope his family can find some comfort in that.  


Steve’s ideas and the company he drove has affected our every day lives in so many ways now.  His “magical” products are everywhere.  And the company that was once on fumes is the biggest company in the world.  


Steve left Apple before.  Not by choice, and the company didn’t recover until he came back.  Everyone wonders if this will happen again.  The simple answer is no.  This time it is different.  Unlike Job’s “force out” last time, when the company began a slow downward spiral…this time Jobs was able to prepare for this for years.  


Tim Cook and the senior team were groomed so the company could continue to innovate and perform without him.  Great minds were recruited from around the world.  And taught the Apple Way.  He even instituted an Apple Values program so employees could learn the ideas that make Apple tick, and keep it running for many years to come.  


Apple will be fine.  And so will we.  But, Steve, we will miss you.