Technology Workers Drive World-Wide Industry Growth

These days, it would be safe to say that we are beginning to experience the type of future we envisioned back in the 60’s. A lot of major advancements, including self-driving cars that don’t require fossil fuels, virtual reality, and even robots, have seemingly happened in a very short time. With the power and capability of modern computers, the possibilities for advancement are growing exponentially. It used to be that industry was the primary, well, industry. Today, the tech sector is the industry driver for advancement in every other industry sector, world-wide.

In the automotive world, the current hot topic is self-driving cars. There are cars that are literally able to get from point A to point B without human intervention. Currently, this only works on highways an there are no stop signs or traffic lights, but it is impressive, nonetheless. We also have auto “infotainment” systems becoming available now that are more closely integrated with cell phones than ever before, with Google, Microsoft, and Apple, all stepping up with solutions that integrate with their mobile platforms.

In the world of gaming, virtual reality (VR) is currently making huge waves. VR games are definitely cool and fun as a past time, but the biggest draw of these new platforms is outside of the gaming realm. There are real-use applications currently in development for military and medical usage. For example, soldiers can be trained in realistic combat, using scenarios and locations from around the world, without having to leave a warehouse on their training base. Doctors can be trained in surgeries by actually performing them virtually; new methods can be tried without risk to actual human life. VR applications are also being tested for therapy to help people cope with various medical and health conditions.

The medical sector doesn’t stop at VR though. Right now, doctors are standardly performing robot-assisted surgeries and there are artificial hearts that have been proven to work. It gets even more mind-blowing with robotic nanotechnology. This is still in development, but the fact that we can even create and experiment with technology that works on a cellular level brings Star Trek to mind. Robots have been used in industry for years, but recent advancements have moved them to a whole new level.

Technology is a crucial part of our industry, our economy, and even our society today. Who are the people on the front lines of technological advancement? Simply put, everyone working in the technology. Software engineers and developers are working alongside mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and doctors world-wide. It doesn’t matter what sectors, technologies, or even nations programmers work with, they all speak the same language: logic.

As programmers, we all share the same passion for figuring out the impossible and making things work when people think they can’t. This is evident at Palm Beach Software Design as well. With a team that cumulatively has well over 100 years of experience working with various technologies, we can help make your business productivity goals a reality.