Simple Facts: Why your business NEEDS Custom Software

Simple Facts:  Why your business NEEDS Custom Software

Nearly every small and medium sized business can benefit from custom software, but they don’t know what signs to look for to determine and understand the benefits and gains they will realize.    Your business software should HELP you take your company to the next level, not stand in the way.  Custom Software will allow you to manage your business data your way! 

Below are the top three signs you can look for to determine how custom software can help you streamline your business process, save time and increase profits:

1. You spend more time managing your data than addressing or growing your business.

  • Adapting your business processes to your software processes
  • Multiple entries of the same data into separate software packages:

o Inventory

o Accounting

o Order Fulfillment

2. You are using multiple spreadsheets or word documents to maintain your business information.  Why this is a problem: 

  • Lack Security
  • Typically single user
  • Easily violated and revised by others
  • Difficult to validate, update and maintain
  • Multiple versions

3. You use desktop databases like Microsoft Access to save, sort and manage your data.

  • Difficult to maintain
  • Unreliable
  • Typically not backed up
  • Untrustworthy

In a Nutshell…Your business software should help take your company to the next level, not stand in your way. You should be able to run your business and manage your data the way you want to, reliably and efficiently.

Q:  What’s standing in the way of building your business, streamlining your processes and/or improving your profitability to achieve your goals?  

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