Should I Get a Smart Watch Now?

Android Smart Watch

With the rise of new wearable technology it sparks the question if now is the best time to jump in or wait for the product to evolve.  Let’s face it, we live in a world where new devices and technologies change and improve every day.  Even Apple is on the verge of releasing their Smart Watch at the end of April which is why I think many people are holding back.  So should you wait for that holographic display watch (what my wife is waiting for) or join the many others who are enjoying the benefits of having a smart watch.

For me, I recently purchased the Samsung Gear Fit and have been pleasantly surprised.  I’m a guy that likes minimal to zero jewelry or accessories including watches, but since I got it I take it off only when it needs a charge.  Granted it’s a simple device compared to what’s out there but it has improved my day to day activity which is what we look for in these devices. 

Will the holographic display watch come to be, yes and probably sooner than we think but why wait till the perfect device is available when you can start enjoying the benefits of the technology we have available today.