Palm Beach Software Design: Empowering Employees with Big Ideas

As one of the newest members of Palm Beach Software Design, Inc., I have noticed some distinct advantages of having a tight programming and software development team over some of the larger, onshore-offshore programming business models, and I’ve learned exactly “why” Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. refuses to outsource work and adopt this business model.

For starters, this is the first software development company I’ve worked for that has long-term clients that bring new project after project to us (repeat engagements).  My conclusions are that they like working with a smaller team, they enjoy the close communication between client and developers.

There’s competitors of ours using the onshore-offshore model, which forces their clients to go through “state-side project managers” that create a 24-hour lag in response time for the simplest questions, and most importantly enjoy that fact that the owners and key personnel take a real interest in their company.

As a newer employee of Palm Beach Software Design, Inc., I have also come to realize some of the benefits that affect me as well – and I know these great qualities all add to our fantastic client retention rate. Recently there was an article that I read which talked about why more and more employees are heading to smaller companies.  Well, pretty clearly four qualities stood out:

  1. Employees aren’t faceless: When I say this, I literally mean it. It’s easy for an employee to be overlooked and feel like he/she is just a number and feels lucky even to be known outside the department. 
    Smaller Companies on the other hand readily and personally show their appreciation to the employees which boost the morale and performance of the employee.
  1. Personal Interaction: Since the team is small, there is more one-on-one interaction and open door policy which reduces the departmental hierarchy and the protocols involved. For many lack of bureaucracy is a breath of fresh air. You will work much closer to the owners, senior managers and investors of the company giving them the chance to see what you can do to creating relationships that could positively impact your career growth.
  1. Family Culture:Small enterprises tend to foster camaraderie and family-like atmospheres. In Emergencies, everyone is aware that they all have to pull together for the company to succeed.”
  1. Close to Customer: Last but not the least, being close to the customer is important for the success of Business. This is the success story of Palm Beach Software Design and this is essentially why Palm Beach software is sought by different sectors in developing custom Software applications specific to the business needs.

The above four qualities seemed like they were written based on the structure and vision of Palm Beach Software Design. At Palm Beach Software Design, you will have a direct relationship with the entire team from the start to the finish and in to maintenance phase as well.  From having us start the project with you from a business-planning perspective, to developing Scope and Requirements documents, to the coding and QA side, working with a smaller company has fantastic benefits for our clients – because they can see we care, our development team gains energy from this, and as a result, we’re a happy group of people coming together to make “magic” with each and every project we participate in.

Priya Nagaraj is the QA Manager at Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.  She is the first person to see and react to online inquiries in our support system, and holds our software developers and web developers to her highest standards.  She can be contacted at