It’s an age-old formula and it works just as well in the digital age as it has for generations: You refer us, and you get a commission as soon as we get paid!

For 33+ years, we’ve been growing our business by word-of-mouth, based on our reputation for excellent software design, great communication, and our projects are completed on time and on budget. To thank those who are kind enough to recommend us to their friends and business associates, we have an excellent referral program to return the favor.

If you refer us to a company, either locally or anywhere in the US, in virtually any industry, that is expanding or considering new software and you provide us with a personal introduction; when we sign a contract, you get paid a referral fee based on the contracted number of hours up to $5,000.

Because we create custom software unique to each company, we don’t have a traditional “niche” market limited by geography or industry. The software we design and create is specialized, and individual to the industry and client’s needs. This means that virtually any company in any industry that is unhappy with the performance of their current installed system is a candidate for custom software. We often find that our best clients are expanding and rapidly outgrowing their current software capabilities. So, when you come in contact with companies who need software, please think of us! We promise outstanding service for your referrals, making you look good.

Our Clients

Let's Work Together!

We will take great care of your referral. You will be a STAR!

We are looking to build long term business relationships with other symbiotic companies, so that we can reliably refer work to each other safely and with the confidence that we will treat your referral with the best service and support possible.