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Isn't Mailchimp and Constant Contact Good Enough?

Both of these applications are EXCELLENT in what they do: They manage your contacts, and will do email blasts, and they will report on the results. The results they report are in regards to open rates, click throughs, etc. but they will never “connect the dots” and know “who” from your contact visited the site, nor will it track what they did there while they were visiting.  This is very important information in helping us to understand what exactly they’re looking for and why.

Why Does Marketing Automation Replace Email Service Providers?

We have previously defined MA (Marketing Automation) as  “The art of leveraging dynamic content is all in making your communications read as though they are organic and personalized”.

By having a single database for everything, and using Marketing Automation techniques for tracking contacts and visitors, we can specifically track the performance of the email blast, but then track very clearly which of your contacts interacted with your website, filled out a form, requested information on a certain topic, etc.

Bulk email blast
" Personally, Microsoft Outlook "is" my CRM. It contains my contacts. It allows me to do things with them such as email and track tasks and meetings. Sharpspring is my Marketing Automation Tool. It integrates with my entire business on the web, through my email, and through social media. It allows me to walk away from the mundane, repetitive tasks, and allows me to concentrate on relationships. Good relationships lead to great sales, and fantastic repeat business!"
Mark Turkel, marketing automation expert
Mark Turkel
CEO and Senior Software Architect

Let's Compare Features

Email Marketing

Generate more leads

Everyone wants to generate more leads, but getting better, more qualified leads is the goal of our efforts.

  • Import Lists of Contacts
  • Importing lists of contacts
  • VisitorID for identifying anonymous web traffic
  • Dynamic form fields for building complete contact profiles
  • Third-party and native-form integration
  • Simple CSS adoption to make your forms blend in
  • Automatically connect on social media
  • Qualify leads based on position in sales cycle
  • Schedule an email to a single contact for future delivery

Drive Sales

Learn about your clients, their company, and use this knowledge to your advantage to create sound relationships based on your prospect's persona and actions.

  • CRM integrations
  • CRM integrations
    Easy-to-use email designer
  • Notification sent to sales team of a leads online activity
  • Automatically segment your leads based on their behavior
  • Targeted messages for near one-on-one communication
  • An illustrated timeline of all emails each contact received
  • Increased engagement with segmented messages

Prove ROI

Record deals won and lost. Track and report on the efforts of your sales and marketing teams.

  • Open rate and click through rate tracking
  • Open rate and click through rate tracking
  • Website behavior reports
  • Identification of contact’s position in sales process
  • Online and offline monitoring of leads activity
  • Automatic return on investment calculations

Let's Feed Your CRM some ROCKET FUEL!

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If your business has refrained from implementing dynamic content so far, now is the time to set the record straight. Put personalization at the top of your strategic planning and start to deliver the user experience your customers are demanding with dynamic content. Your first step? Request a demo of SharpSpring.

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