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Isn't My CRM Good Enough?

CRM, or Contact Relationship Manager, is the REPOSITORY for your contact information. It will hold information about your contact, along with some other usually custom field to track important key points for sales or service. Other than bulk-emailing, there is usually no real Marketing Automation mixed in that can be called a “system”. 

We all need contact management, without a doubt, but adding on Marketing Automation changes the game!

What is Marketing Automation?

We have previously defined MA (Marketing Automation) as  The art of leveraging dynamic content is all in making
your communications read as though they are organic
and personalized (i.e., not auto-generated”

marketing automation vs CRM
Automation gears

Marketing Automation Features

Generate more leads

Everyone wants to generate more leads, but getting better, more qualified leads is the goal of our efforts.

  • Import a CSV of leads
  • Import a CSV of leads
  • Identify anonymous web traffic with VisitorID
  • Build complete lead profiles using dynamic form fields
  • Create powerful blogs and landing pages
  • Qualify leads based on position in sales cycle
  • Integrate with native or third-party forms
    Schedule email campaigns in advance

Drive Sales

Learn about your clients, their company, and use this knowledge to your advantage to create sound relationships based on your prospect's persona and actions.

  • Score leads based on engagement and sales-readiness
  • Gain valuable insights on leads’ interests/attributes
  • Receive automatic notifications when leads are sales-ready
  • Automatically segment leads based on their behaviors
  • Send targeted messages for one-on-one communication
  • See a graphical timeline of a lead’s interaction with your brand
  • Personalize your email and web content automatically

Prove ROI

Record deals won and lost. Track and report on the efforts of your sales and marketing teams.

  • Record deals won and deals lost
  • Record deals won and deals lost
  • Gain visibility through detailed performance analytics
  • Eliminate wasteful spending practices
  • Monitor lead activity both online and off-line
  • Get automatic results on ROI calculations