Chart Going Up email analytics

According to Forrester
Research, Inc., companies
that effectively implement
lead nurturing “generate 50%
more sales-ready leads at
33% lower cost.”

Inbound Conversions

By keeping prospects engaged over time with personalized nurturing campaigns, your clients could double or triple conversions and get way more out of their inbound efforts. Marketing automation makes this easy by allowing them to set up workflows that automatically and continuously segment and nurture leads.

For example, clients can set up a workflow around a particular piece of content, like a white paper. They can send an initial email containing a link to a gated page with the content along with some compelling reasons for them to download it. 

  • If a prospect downloads it on the first send, he is automatically added to a campaign that will follow up with other similar content and relevant promos and demo offers. 
  • If a prospect doesn’t download right away, he’ll receive a follow-up email reminding him to do so. Those who download it at that point are also added to the aforementioned list (or a similar one), and those who don’t are assigned to a less aggressive, long-term nurturing campaign.

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