Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content is the Heart of Marketing Automation

What is Dynamic Content and How Do They Work with Lists?

Dynamic Content is what makes Marketing Automation SO FREAKIN’ COOL! You do NOT have to have a marketing degree for this stuff, and it’s actually quite interesting. Simply put, dynamic content refers to elements of a website or email that change depending on a user’s information or past behavior.


Lists and How we Use Them

There are many ways in which you can segment your audience, or in plain English, break up your big list into smaller lists that all have common themes. For example, Palm Beach Software Design segments our clients into a few different “main” lists:  Business Owners, Operations Management, Sales Management. Each one of these “personas” may reach out to us for the same exact programming work.  However, each one of these people may communicate differently based on who they are and their position in the company…which means we need a different way to speak and communicate to each of them.

Personas and Dynamic Content

Marketing Automation allows us to cater to each persona differently by implementing “workflows”. For example, we sell “solutions for more sales/service” to business owners (Presidents and CEO’s) in that we can build custom software exactly how they want it. They are interested in how it may boost profits or increase sales. We build out their vision. A COO (operations) on the other hand probably has zero interest in sales, but very interested in how the software will streamline the production process. By using “workflows” in marketing automation, we can conditionally change the content of our emails based on their personas, their needs, or any other piece of information that can be captured in a form.

With Marketing Automation, the more we learn about the prospective customer, the better we’ll communicate in “their language”, which will create a stronger, richer relationship, which ultimately leads to more sales and repeat business.

7 Ways to implement Dynamic Content

Marketing Automation Personas
" Building Trust is the most important part of sales. When a potential client thinks they're receiving "bulk mail", they're instantly turned off. Using Dynamic Content with all communications insures that we are speaking the right language to each person in a way they want to hear and understand things. Our 35+ years of business has taught us many lessons that we can pass on to our clients, and implement with ease using Sharpspring! "
Mark Turkel, marketing automation expert
Mark Turkel
CEO and Senior Software Architect

This Time, It's Personal

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