CSS4 and what to expect

With the Internet and technology continuously evolving, it is no surprise that CSS4 was being talked about back in 2013, and this new technology is starting to be implemented by web designers around the globe.

Even though CSS3 is fairly “new”, it will eventually disappear with the new kid on the block coming into it’s own. No, CSS3 will not disappear overnight, but we should always be preparing for new and better technology.

Implementation between browsers for CSS4 is currently very rare; Chrome and Chrome Canary stands at 35%+ implementation, Firefox 25%+ implementation, IE  is at 10%+ implementation, Safari and Opera are currently not showing any stats. So no worries about CSS3 leaving us so soon, but here are main points on what to expect with CSS4.

  1. Presponsive Layout
    Almost every new web site is being designed with a responsive theme. The downside is that devices with slower network connections experience a longer load time. With the current offerings of high speed cable access in the US, we do not feel like this is an issue (based on our visitor demographics). Presponsive layout will allow the designer to apply preloaded states for slower connections.
  2. Cascading Scripts
    This is a combination of CSS and JavaScript, the lines of code become shorter and easier to manage.
  3. Email Styling Support
    Yes, you read correctly. A beautiful way of writing emails! This could be possible even with the use of <section> and <div>  and elements. W3C is looking for an easier way to address this problem. Not only would this create beautiful looking emails across the board, but it would clear up much unneeded repetition inside the inline styles of an email.

In summary, I have presented a few tidbits of CSS4 that are some of the bigger items I believe will help with design and functionality of websites when CSS4 is ready for its debut.  I’m so happy Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. is a progressive company, allowing me to always work with the latest and greatest technology.  Please give us a call to discuss your next project at 561-572-0233.