Business Intelligence (BI)

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad classification that has different meanings across different sized business organizations. It is implemented in different ways, but no matter what the organizational size, BI is company data gathered and presented in ways that provide a strategic approach to evidence-based business decision-making.

For us, this includes creating or working with data marts, data lakes, data warehouses, and also may include data from other sources as well.

Business Intelligence (BI) allows us to work with multiple data sources in a way that it can provide meaningful reports, charts, and graphs.


BI provides a wide variety of evidence-based information that management needs to know for optimal organizational performance aggregated into summary report form, often referred to as “dashboards” including,

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As the level of influence of technology over business grows, so, too, does the importance of the analysis or “analytics” of actual data provided by technology. Bygone are the days of decision-making based only on the gut-feelings of sales and management executives. Today, decisions about inventory, sales, and HR are made from dashboards and scorecards that provide visualization of data-based facts, not just guesses or feelings.

Our favorites, and Microsoft PowerBI gives us the ability to quickly leverage the knowledge of our software architects about business and the kind of summary data that allow an organization to grow and prosper. Visualizing the effect that a “hot product” is having on sales may spur promotions on related products and knowing that one department is experiencing high turnover may occasion supervisory or management changes. Imagine having that kind of information – summarized, every day, on your desktop. Decisions that influence profit can be made in a proactive fashion rather than in a reactive fashion. With Power BI, we can provide this kind of data analysis in as little as 10 business days at a very reasonable cost.

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Business Intelligence clients leverage Palm Beach Software Design for both small and large projects their IT departments don’t have the time or budget, or in some cases the expertise, to accomplish, given their other responsibilities. Working with us is a positive experience because as a “boutique” software design firm we are able to create extremely high-quality custom Business Intelligence software personally tailored with the kind of attention larger firms can’t match. We have an excellent understanding of the kinds of Business Intelligence modern business requires – what works and what doesn’t work for mid-market and enterprise level concerns. We try to anticipate both the problems and the needs of our clients, which allows us to move much faster than larger, more anonymous software firms. Our size allows us to stay abreast of the latest developments, incorporating new technologies to solve rapidly evolving business problems in an increasingly mobile and cloud development world.

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Let us know if you would like a live demonstration of any of our programs or websites — we’ll be happy to show you our work in a one-on-one environment. We work with the Microsoft .Net technologies including C#, ASP.Net, as well as LAMP-Stack technologies like PHP, MariaDB, and WordPress. We work with many different database technologies specializing in SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and MySQL. Our track record for successful projects is 100%. We know that the excellence of our design, solid competent programming, and fast and efficient support contribute to our longevity as a business partner to our client base.
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