MA vs CRM blog

Isn’t My CRM Good Enough? CRM, or Contact Relationship Manager, is the REPOSITORY for your contact information. It…

The Quest for Efficiency In Software Development

I want to talk about how Palm Beach Software Design is both efficient and effective with their software development and business philosophies.

10 Reasons to Create a Scope and Requirements Document for Every Project

10 Reasons to Create a Scope and Requirements Document BEFORE the First Line of Code Gets Written After…

How to NOT Look Ugly on a Webcam

Thinking about posting some tutorials, or maybe a discussion topic of the latest and greatest technology you’ve discovered, or maybe just doing some video conferencing with friends or business associates? Here’s 10 great tips to make you look like a star:

Seek Immediate Shelter THIS IS NOT A DRILL

How a poorly planned and designed UI caused a government employee sent Hawaii into panic

10 Reasons to Create a Scope and Requirements Document

The importance of the Scope and Requirements is paramount and should be taken as the initial step before the first line of code is entered.

Why Choose Microsoft .Net Technologies for Development?

If you’re in the position to initiate a new development project, or you’re a technical leader trying to decide what technology to use, it is important to consider time, cost, and ease of maintenance.

Using TestRail for Automated Testing of Software Applications

Palm Beach Software Design uses TestRail in our Quality Assurance department to help with time efficiency.

How ‘Machine Learning’ Can Help Your Business

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, which also leads to advancements in a multitude of industries. Machine Learning is one of the most talked about spaces in the tech space these days. But what you’re probably wondering is, how can Machine Learning make an impact in my business?

iOS 11 Update

If you haven’t already upgraded your iPhone to iOS 11, stop what you are doing and download/install it right now.