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Amazon MWS Tracking Numbers

Automation services (custom-programming) can integrate your Inventory Management System with your FBA Inventory at Amazon. You can track your FBA Shipments in Seller Central, or we can bring the information to your desktop through custom programming using Amazon’s MWS Services.

Send Shipment Tracking Numbers to Amazon

When you use an Amazon-partnered carrier for an inbound shipment, the carrier provides your shipment tracking numbers to Amazon as part of the process. However, even if you are not using an Amazon-partnered carrier for your inbound shipments, Amazon recommends that you send us the shipment tracking numbers for your inbound shipment. Providing this information helps Amazon process your inbound shipment at the Amazon fulfillment center faster and more accurately.

We can make it easy to get or send tracking information in a custom program, using the Amazon MWS API for Fulfillment Inbound Shipment API. 

There’s 2 main API calls we use for these types of operations:
PutTransportContent() – sends tracking info to Amazon

GetTransportContent() – retrieves tracking info from Amazon


" Managing your Amazon FBA Shipping and Tracking Numbers are critical for preparing the Amazoni fulfillment center for your shipment. This is a tedious job that could be handled much more easily with a bit of programming.
Mark Turkel, marketing automation expert
Mark Turkel
CEO and Senior Software Architect

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Let’s talk about what you’re doing with Amazon FBA through Seller Central now, and some of the things you would like to improve upon. Every FBA Seller is different and has their own specific needs and requirements. 

Whether you’re looking to automate some of the repetitive tasks, integrate your Amazon data with your other software platforms, or simply build a digital dashboard for better business intelligence – we can make it happen for you!

Improve your profit margin, automate your workflow to save time, and have a system that adapts to your style of business, not the other way around.

Amazon FBA Seller Central

When you sign up to sell on Amazon, you’re automatically enrolled in FBA for free. If you decide to go that route, you’ll send inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers, and Amazon handle shipping, customer service, refunds, and returns for those products. You can track your FBA inventory in Seller Central.