Amazon MWS Orders
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Automate your Amazon Orders With MWS Uploading and Downloading

Accessing Your Orders through Amazon MWS

With the Orders API section of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS), you can build simple applications that retrieve only the order information that you need. This enables you to develop fast, flexible, custom applications in areas like order synchronization, order research, and demand-based decision support tools.

We can use the functions described below, in programs for you, to provide all of the functionality you need to run your business.  


ListOrdersReturns orders created or updated during a time frame that you specify.
ListOrdersByNextTokenReturns the next page of orders using the NextToken parameter.
GetOrderReturns orders based on the AmazonOrderId values that you specify.
ListOrderItemsReturns order items based on the AmazonOrderId that you specify.
ListOrderItemsByNextTokenReturns the next page of order items using the NextToken parameter.
GetServiceStatusReturns the operational status of the Orders API section.

Uploading and Downloading

Amazon MWS Orders Upload and Download
" Managing your Amazon FBA Inventory is critical for cost-of-goods sold and shipping/receiving logistics. Knowing your inventory levels and frequency of sales helps you minimize storage costs of your products with Amazon. By understanding inventory levels and buyer's buying habits, you can increase your overall profit through savings from clear information on your inventory levels. "
Mark Turkel, marketing automation expert
Mark Turkel
CEO and Senior Software Architect

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Let’s talk about what you’re doing with Amazon FBA through Seller Central now, and then we would love to show you some of the software we’ve built to help our clients save money and become more efficient. We can make it happen for you, too!

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When you sign up to sell on Amazon, you’re automatically enrolled in FBA for free. If you decide to go that route, you’ll send inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers, and Amazon handle shipping, customer service, refunds, and returns for those products. You can track your FBA inventory in Seller Central.