About Palm Beach Software Design

I’m Mark Turkel and besides being a bit of a technology nerd, I’m also CEO and Senior Software Architect for Palm Beach Software design.  PBSD has been in business since 1989, and we have 7 employees and a fantastic track record of successful projects.  

Now you may be asking what a Software Architect does. Well like any Architect, we design software for our clients.  What we do depends entirely on what you need. Unlike some of the big software companies like Microsoft and Apple, we design software specifically for your company instead of trying to fit your needs into what you get out of a box off the shelf.  

We work directly with you to build the best software solution for your company.  Our objective is to learn your needs, goals, and future plans. We take the time to learn what your business does, and how the work gets done. For example, we learn about your sales and fulfillment process or your manufacturing process, and understand how information moves around your company so we can build a custom system that works with your existing work-flow and data, instead of forcing you into a boxed product that will make you change how you do things in your business. 

We are not a software department store, we are a software boutique. There is no comparison to buying a suit off the rack and having one custom tailored just for you. Or like a good Architect designing a building just for you instead of just moving into an office that you’ll outgrow.  You will never outgrow us because we will be there to grow with you and make the appropriate changes to your software as you change and as technology advances. We are happy to work with your existing technology team, and your web and graphics designers as well. 

The next time you or your employees start to feel frustrated by the lack of assistance you get from software out of a box…think of Palm Beach Software design. 

A good referral for me this week is any decision-maker from growing businesses that you hear complaining about all the repetitive work they are constantly doing that prevents them from putting their attention to sales, management, and growth.  If they are “swamped” and working around the clock just to “catch up”, then I’m pretty sure that Palm Beach Software can help. 

My name is Mark Turkel and my company’s website is PalmBeachSoftware.com, and I’m looking forward to working with you and the folks you refer to us. We will never let you down.