Google Voice

Google Voice is a phone/message/voicemail management service by Google. The service provides one U.S. phone number free of charge to each user account. You can download Android/iPhone apps to make/receive a call or send/receive a text message from any carrier for free within U.S.

Thoughts of a Novice Programmer

So I am going to deviate from my previous blog which was a brief introduction to Angular.js towards some server-side code I did over the weekend.

Software and the Cloud

The Cloud. This term is thrown around a lot these days. It use to be only the IT industry but now there are many more industries that leverage the power and capabilities of the cloud. The term “cloud” is used to describe a place that exists in the online world.

Your Mission Statement

Today I’d like to tell you about some of the ongoing changes inside of Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. Last week, we redefined our Mission Statement, and this was a very important task paving the way for better sales, communication, and cohesion within our company.