10 Reasons to Create a Scope and Requirements Document for Every Project

10 Reasons to Create a Scope and Requirements Document BEFORE the First Line of Code Gets Written

After 30 years of successful software development projects, we have a formula, and it starts with a clear and detailed Scope and Requirements document. This work is done using a Business Analyst, Software Architect, and key people from the client’s business that have a clear understanding of the business mission, values, and goals.

This varies quite a bit from an “agile” development style, but at PBSD we have a hybrid style, combining the best of agile and waterfall development methods.  We like to define the beginning and end of the project, which is the basis of waterfall methodology. We work from a plan, with a timeline to build the core system requirements (ie. Database, screen design, and security, for example).  As we move closer to the end of the project, we switch over to a more agile methodology to keep things moving quickly.  We then meet with the client more frequently and have a daily scrum meeting to define goals for the day and sometimes the entire week.

This hybrid works for us at Palm Beach Software Design.

Our main concern is to have a plan! Once we have a detailed plan, work can begin using multiple resources on multiple project points.  Our plan covers the following list of needs in order to create a successful software application and system:

Scope and Requirements Documentations

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